How I Doubled My Money In Stocks I Traded With

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Back in the 1990s, as the United States went through the longest peace time economic expansion in history, I was heavily invested in the stock market. With well over $200,000 in equities, I watched the market go up every year as we approached the millennial. But as the year 2000 drew closer, I saw all of my gains turn into loses as the dot com bubble began to burst. Stocks like a division of Disney (DIS:NYSE), Cisco (CSCO”NASDAQ) and AOL were tanking as the market went into a slow and steady decline.
I took my loses and stayed out of the market for the next 15 years, watching the devastation of the equity markets in 2008 from the sidelines. I really never entertained getting back in, but early last year a friend introduced me to an investment  website that had an extremely successful track record that taught you what to look for when investing in stocks.
Since I started investing again based on the information from GEO, I doubled my money on a many of their stock picks in just 6 months. One of the first companies I invested in, which I found on the website, was Energy Focus Inc. ( EFOI:NASDAQ), a company that manufactures energy efficient lighting products.  I bought the stock right around $ 7.00 and when it went to $11.00 just weeks later, I sold my shares, making well over 50 % on my money. That stock ended up going to $28.00, and yes in hindsight it would have been great to hold it longer, but I was happy with the return I made.
Soon after EFOI, I invested in book publisher Educational Development Corp. (EDUC.:NASDQ).  I bought the stock at around $5.00 and quickly sold it at just under $11.00, more than doubling my money. I then watched this stock go to as high as $17.00, but again, I was happy with my return, since it’s really hard to predict what the peak return of a stock is going to be.
Since last spring, I have invested in about 8 of GEO Investing’s companies and although some of the companies have not been “two baggers” or three baggers yet, I am happy that , overall, I am making money in the stock market again.
With the Dow recently dropping almost 2000 points over the past couple weeks, now is time to take a close look at GEOInvesting and the micro-cap sector. It worked for me and I never thought I would invest in stocks again.
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