Valentine’s Day

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Remember when you were in grade school and you’d receive tons of Valentines? Even the coolest guy or girl in school would give you a Valentine’s Day card that said, “I choo choo choose you” with a lollipop. Now, you feel lucky if you have one single girlfriend to go out with or happy that the person you are dating acknowledges the holiday.
After asking around, I learned that people think being single on Valentine’s Day sucks and being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day is overrated. So if everyone is hating on Valentine’s Day, why is it so popular? Blame the candy companies. I’m only kidding. Valentine’s Day exists because people love to love as much as people hate the love of love. We don’t want to admit it, but love is the reason we wake up in the morning and love is the reason we go to bed at night. Love is the driving force behind life.
So how do we embrace Valentine’s Day every year whether we are attached or single? It’s simple; love to love. There are so many simple things you can do to make someone else’s heart or your own heart feel warm on Valentine’s Day. True love, including platonic love, isn’t about money or objects. It is about touching someone else in a way that makes them feel good. It is about showing that you care. It is about putting another ahead of one’s self. It is actually the way we all should live our lives on a daily basis.
Valentine’s day is not about spending a ton of money on someone else. It is about taking the time and energy to show you care. In first grade my crush named Charlie drew me a picture of donuts and that picture hung in my locker for three years. My freshman year in high school I got a carnation from a senior named Rick and to this day I still smile and feel good inside thinking about how receiving that flower made me feel. One year I was feeling lonely so my parents made me a big steak dinner because all my friends were off with their boyfriends. Then there was the year my boyfriend and I were low on funds so he entered a contest to win us a Valentine’s Day package. He took the time to make a video and ended up winning. Even if he lost I was so smitten by watching his video. And then there was the year I got dumped right before Valentine’s Day, which actually ended up being my best Valentine’s Day ever because it was the year I learned to love myself.
This Valentine’s Day love to love. Love to love yourself. Love to love your friend. Love to love your significant other. Love to love your family. Just love others in the best way you can and the best way it is received. A little bit of love can go a long way.
Silly Valentine’s Day Tips:
-Grocery store flowers are just as good as fancy florist flowers. She just wanted to know you care. Also, for bragging rights Instagram can make grocery store flowers look just as good as florist flowers with a filter.
-Call your mom. She loves you and a simple phone call to tell her you love her will make her month.
-The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Technically speaking that doesn’t make sense, but it’s true.
-Don’t be a creep and celebrate “Desperation Day.”
-He doesn’t want a picture frame with a picture of you and him in it. He’d rather have a sandwich.
-You should’ve made your dinner reservations already. Get on that if that’s your plan, man.
-Spoil yourself if you are single. You deserve it!
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