So This is Christmas

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Santa made his entrance during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and that means the holiday season has officially begun! I love Christmas and I love all things holiday, except fruitcake. I try, but I can’t seem to get on the fruitcake train. My Christmas joy has been around my whole life and even though my father’s season phrase is, “Bah humbug” I’m positive I get my joy from him.

So why is the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas considered the most wonderful time of the year? Is it the freezing cold temperatures or the snow falling on the ground? No, the most wonderful time of the year is considered so wonderful because it is the time of the year to celebrate family, friends, giving, and closing out another happy and healthy year. Seeing that the season is here to celebrate all these wonderful things, it’s no wonder people walk around with an extra skip in their step.

The holiday season has always been unicorns and rainbows for me. My parents go above and beyond to give from their hearts and make my sisters and I appreciate family, tradition, and giving during the season. From getting the hottest Barbie of the season (thanks to my grandma working at K-Mart) to sitting front row in church during Christmas Eve mass (my dad goes 4 hours early to save our pew) to taking the time to do something charitable.

The thing is, while I was doing charitable things I realized that Santa didn’t bring the hottest Barbie to every girl who wished for it for Christmas. That not everybody spent Christmas morning in matching pajamas next to a tree in a warm home eating waffles for breakfast and a big turkey dinner. Even though I was enjoying all these wonderful things, my parents had balanced things well to show me that the season was truly about giving. So that’s how I’ve always celebrated the season. I smile and celebrate giving. Even though I’d love a Tiffany’s clutch waiting for me under the Christmas tree, I find more joy in shopping on Think Geek for my sisters, buying toys for Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, baking burnt and crappy cookies for loved ones, and staying up late decorating my apartment to surprise my roommate.

Spend this season giving and by giving I don’t just mean pulling out your wallet. By giving I mean give your time. Give your energy. Give to those in need and those who least expect it. Concentrate only on giving this holiday season and I assure you that you will walk into 2014 with more joy than you ever thought you could feel in your heart.

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