Sweetest Day

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Sweetest Day is this Saturday, October 19th. It happens the third Saturday in October every year (in case you want to put a reminder in your calendar). Some people think that Sweetest Day is a Hallmark holiday where you are supposed to buy your significant other something in order to stay out of the doghouse. I don’t blame you for thinking this way because Sweetest Day has evolved into a day dedicated to your significant other, but when you look at the origin of it that wasn’t the original plan. Sweetest Day started back in the 1920’s when some dudes in Cleveland came together with an idea to do something “sweet” for newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor. See, now that’s sweet.

Sweetest Day is not supposed to be about buying your significant other lavish gifts or about Hallmark wanting to make some extra cash; it is supposed to be about paying it forward. It’s a sweet day on the calendar meant to remind you that you have the ability to do something sweet for someone else. Just like how Thanksgiving reminds you to be grateful and Christmas reminds you to give. We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and we forget things so what’s wrong with a holiday that reminds us to be sweet to others for a day?

I encourage you to get back to the origin of what these men wanted Sweetest Day to be. Pay it forward and do something sweet for someone you love or a complete stranger; call your mom and tell her you love her, donate to a food pantry, let someone go before you in line, or even do something as simple as putting the toilet seat down for the day. We all have the power to do so much good and Sweetest Day, well, Sweetest Day is here to remind you have the ability to pay it forward.


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