Look Out – NASA Says There Are 1400 Asteroids That Could Wipe Out Earth

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Our friends over at NASA announced some rather dreadful news this week. Scientists at our nation’s space agency are saying there are close to 1400 asteroids that could possibly smash into Earth, wiping out mankind and pretty much ruining everyone’s day.

The good news is that it most likely won’t happen for another 100 years but tell your kid’s grandkids to look out because the likelihood of a giant space rock slamming into the planet looks pretty darn good. NASA calls them PHA’s, which is the abbreviation for  Potentially Hazardous Asteroids and it says that if a PHD were to hit us, it would cause unprecedented damage and most likely kill us all.

Asteroids fall into the PHA category when they get relatively close to our planet’s orbit, but in NASA speak “relatively close” means within 4.7 million miles.

Scientists of course are tracking all 1397 objects that could possibly obliterate the planet, but there really isn’t much we could do even if we were warned of a direct hit. Recently Congress voted against additional funding for NASA to research technology that could blow up an oncoming asteroid, much like we saw Bruce Willis do in the movie “Armageddon”.

Check out the video on the following link to find out more about when the planet will come to an abrupt end. [WeatherChannel]



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