Ann Coulter Says “America Is Over” If Latinos Get Amnesty

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Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter continued her assault on Latino voters last night on Fox News Channel.  In a recent column, the controversial right-wing extremist wrote that Hispanics are lazy, poor and government dependent.

Coulter went on the Sean Hannity Show and said that if Republicans back Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio’s immigration reform bill, the “GOP deserves to die.”

Many Republicans are furious with Coulter for blasting Latino voters at a time where the GOP is investing millions in minority outreach programs.

“Democrats terrify Hispanics into thinking they’ll be lynched if they vote for Republicans, and then turn around and taunt Republicans for not winning a majority of the Hispanic vote,” Coulter wrote in the column, published Wednesday.

Coulter went on to say that Hispanics really don’t want a path to citizenship and would rather remain illegal immigrants collecting government benefits.

“Hispanic voters are a small portion of the electorate,” Coulter wrote in her column. “They don’t want amnesty, and they’re hopeless Democrats. So Republicans have decided the path to victory is to flood the country with lots more of them!”

In her column, which is titled “America Nears El Tipping Pointo,” Coulter called minorities  “nitwits who deserve lives of misery and joblessness.” She singles out immigrants from Latin America as particularly “nitwitty,” saying they have too many babies out of wedlock.

The conservative author never cited a source for her outrageous claims – but Coulter has never lets facts get in the way of any of her other good old fashion right-wing racist rants.

For more on the story, check out [TheBlaze]

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