Chris Christie Could Be Viable Third Party Candidate In 2016

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I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I have been with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over the past week. The straight talking GOP Governor has ignored status quo, petty partisan politics and has shown outstanding leadership in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

As we all watched this week, Christie and President Obama heaped praise on each other just days before the 2012 Presidential election, a move that stunned party leaders on both sides of the aisle. The New Jersey Governor has taken a lot of criticism from fellow Republicans for his “over the top” praise of the President’s leadership in his response to the largest storm to ever hit the Garden State.

But even though he is being hammered by Rush Limbaugh, Ruppert Murdoch and the rest of the right wing fanatics in this country, Chris Christie has found a whole new fan base. Christie’s stock has risen enormously with most Democrats and Independents.

Governor Christie’s hands-on, straight talking style has been so impressive in his handling of this crisis that he could possibly run for President as a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent in 2016.

Many of us who are sick and tired of both major party’s partisan agendas, found it incredibly refreshing this week when the Governor put the people of New Jersey¬†before his party’s talking points. “If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics, then you don’t know me,” he said on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday.

Four years in American politics is an eternity, but hopefully, Chris Christie will continue to poll well with moderates in both parties and  Independents. If this is the case and the Governor does run for President in 2016 as an Independent, Christie could be the first real third party threat in a Presidential election.

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