Photographer Of The Stars Mario Testino Showcases Work In Stunning 300-page ‘Private View’ Book

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He is a magician with a camera—a photographer of modern fashion, a portraitist to the stars.

Famed photographer Mario Testino has built a prolific career as a man who is capable of capturing candid images of celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow clutching the Oscar she won for her 1998 role in Shakespeare in Love, as well as splendid portraits of A-listers, such as stunning images of the late Princess Diana. And now, in his new book, Private View (Taschen), Testino publishes his work to the masses, in anticipation of his forthcoming inaugural exhibition at the Shanghai Arts Museum in China.

The book, as well as the exhibition, gives us the crème de la crème of fashion and celebrity photography.

The 300-page Private View, on sale for $69.99 at the Taschen website, reflects on the extreme diversity of celebrities and fashion icons. With introductions by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and Vanity Fair Editor Edward Graydon Carter, the book praises and revels in the amazing talent of Testino.

The cover of the book is even a testament to his ability. An artistic, chromatic shot of Lady Gaga, illusorily in 3D, covers three foci of the great photographer’s work, including stardom, fashion, and monarchy, according to contributing author Jennifer Allen.

Testino forged his career over decades of hard work. And his big break came when he Princess Diana selected him as the photographer for her Vanity Fair photo shoot in 1997. His work has since ascended into the breathtaking.

Each different photograph that Testino snaps reveals the relationship that he has with his subjects. This is evident in his book.

“I tend to discover another part of myself, which emerges through my interactions with other people’s visions of fashion and the world,” Testino said.

Private View—both the book and the exhibition, which runs from November 2 to December 3—contains pictures that were originally taken for American and British Vogue and Vanity Fair. The images are larger than life portraits of modern icons, such as family photos of the British royal family; Testino chose the included photos himself.

The Peruvian-born photographer, a man who has captured the awe of celebrities, designers and the public alike, will certainly grab the attention of fashionistas and celebrity lovers everywhere, who will definitely clear space on their bookshelves, rather than their closets.

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