Lady Gaga Goes Solo on Howard Stern Show

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I don’t know . . . all the makeup and dressing up as a clown turned me off from listening to Lady Gaga’s music.   I thought it was it all manufactured songs, fancy dancing, lip syncing or the mark of another great producer.

I was wrong.   She is one of the greatest solo performers I have ever seen.   Please drop the name, the clothes and the makeup.   You were great when you performed at the Bitter End as a starving artist . . . Stefani Germanotta . . . and you are great now !

You don’t need the makeup, the odd clothes, and the funny name.   Take it all off Baby !

Check out this solo performance on the Howard Stern Show.   It blew me away when I found it.   Also check her out when she was just another unsigned artist playing at the Bitter End in NYC.

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One Response to Lady Gaga Goes Solo on Howard Stern Show

  1. Love music October 18, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    She is the real deal nor like Britney and Madonna!