Bob Dylan’s New Album “Tempest”

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50 years ago, Bob Dylan released his first album. This month Bob Dylan at the age of 71 releases his 35th album . . . “Tempest”.   While listening to his vocal performance on his single “Duquesne Whistle”, I couldn’t help but think of Righteous Brother’s Bill Medley’s track “Most of All You” in the movie Major League.   However, Bob Dylan’s vocals have a raunchy delivery.   Maybe its old age, too much whiskey, or too many cigarettes . . . but I like it !

As Rolling Stone Reports:
“The video for Bob Dylan’s new single “Duquesne Whistle” initially seems like a Charlie Chaplin-inspired bit of light comedy about a young man trying to impress a woman he sees on the street. But after our hero gets thrown into a van and tied to a chair, things take a shockingly dark turn and the clip begins looking like a deleted scene from Goodfellas.”

We love you Bob Dylan, and welcome back.   Check out the new video:

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2 Responses to Bob Dylan’s New Album “Tempest”

  1. DC September 19, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    Yahoo Music Blog Reports that for the Week Ending Sept 16 :

    “Bob Dylan’s Tempest debuts at #3. Dylan, 71, is the third oldest artist in chart history to land a top five album. Tony Bennett was 85 in September 2011 when he debuted at #1 with Duets II. Frank Sinatra was 78 in December 1993 when he last appeared in the top five (in his lifetime) with Duets.”

    • Open February 15, 2014 at 6:35 pm #

      Ahh, that’s a lovely prtiuce.. all of them off down the road. Tell you what, it’s not quite swimming weather here..Interesting about the Bob Dylan book…and lovely week’s prtiuces below too.. I love the keys – funny I picked up a postcard in a shop the other day rather like that… old keys on a ring. Hmm.. the next coincidence? :)x Rima