Kissing Jailbirds Tell Reporter “F#ck Off”

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It seems like two handcuffed hipsters, who were captured on camera last month exchanging a defiant kiss after being arrested for allegedly spray-painting a building, just want to be left alone.

Alexis Creque and Russell Murphy were snapped sharing a last lip-lock outside Manhattan Criminal Court on Aug. 16 by Brooklyn photographer Mo Gelber. The photographer has been trying to contact the couple to try and enter the image in a photo contest, but yesterday, the sexy couple left a note for a New York Post reporter who has been assigned the story.

At her apartment yesterday Ms Creque and a man believed to be Murphy slipped an envelope under the door bearing the words, “F#ck Off.” Gelber said he will share any money he makes from the “Last Kiss” photo with the duo. “I’ll just tell him don’t use it to buy spray paint,” he laughed.

What’s strange is that Creque contacted Gelber through Facebook to admit she was the blonde-haired woman kissing her handcuffed boyfriend. ‘I was just the look-out,’ she insisted, adding that they snatched a kiss as they were led to the court as ‘we knew that we were going to be split up once we got to Central Booking’.

But it looks like the kissing couple have let the photographer know how they feel about the photo.

For more on the story, check out [Digitaljournal]

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