National Geographic Awards It’s Top Traveler Photographs

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There are a lot of photography magazines out there but I still believe that National Geographic brings us the most spectacular images on the planet. The magazine has released some of the finalists in it’s annual travelers photo contest and they are truly breathtaking.

From under water surfer shots to picturesque nighttime landscapes, each of the shots in their upcoming issue resets the bar for composition, color and emotion. It’s the 24th year the National Geographic has run the contest and it just seems to get better each year.

Many of us professional photographers¬† are hired to create beautiful images using strobe lights and artificial backgrounds but travel photography is mostly about being in the right place at the right time and being able to manipulate your camera to allow light and motion into the gate to capture a scene at it’s best.

For more on the story and to see a full list of the images, check out []

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