Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Being Sued By 11 Chicago Police Officers

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is feeling the heat from some Chicagoans, problem is, this heat is coming from employee’s at the city he manages. 11 police officers are suing the Mayor for allegedly replacing them from his security detail and moving officers who helped his campaign for Mayor to work on his security team.

The lawsuit is claiming that┬ápolice Cmdr. Brian Thompson, in charge of the security detail, and the city violated Chicago’s decades-old Shakman decree, which prohibits political considerations in most city hiring decisions.The officers, who are white and hispanic are also contending that african-american officers with lower ranks were not demoted from the detail.

Not to mention since the demotion, the officers state that it lowered the officers ranks and significantly reduced their pay and benefits. They are seeking unspecified monetary damages as well as a return to their previous jobs. Won’t that be a fun and awkward employee/employer relationship if the suit goes their way?

The city, of course, states: “The claims are┬ábaseless.” A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department denied that Emanuel or his staff played any part in the hiring of his security detail and said the decisions were made by Terry Hillard while he was interim police superintendent.

Hillard issued a statement Wednesday defending his actions, saying “he consulted security experts and the U.S. Secret Service in putting the team together.”

“It was, as it should be, a careful and deliberative process, and at no time were political or any other inappropriate factors considered, period,” Hillard said

Apparently the officers were all part of former Mayor Daley’s security team and all had taken tests to properly be promoted to higher ranks and also stay on the mayor’s security detail, all prior to the transition of the mayors.

For the Full Story { Chicago Tribune }

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