Talia Joy Castellano: Bald & Beautiful At 12 – CANCER SUCKS!

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Talia Joy Castellano is a 12 year old girl with dreams, yet she is changing the world, one video at a time –

Talia Joy Castellano

On August 18th Talia will be a teenager. However,  being 13 will be a bit different for Talia. She was first diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer that forms in the nerve cells, in 2007. After rounds and rounds of chemotherapy, Talia eventually became bald and since she is not a fan of wigs, she embraced the look and found make-up.

Since then, she has become quite the make-up artist and is amazingly good at applying her own for different looks. She says it gives her a sense of beauty and confidence and has now uploaded more than a 150 giving tutorials and telling people that, make-up is her wig. There is no doubt after watching the young girl on you tube that, bald is definitely beautiful.

Talia – A picture of Strength

In a time where we could all use an uplift, some strength and courage to move forward, I encourage you to listen to a little girl, who is going through more than we can imagine –

“I’m only 13, I shouldn’t have to be doing this,” she says. “No one should have to be doing this.” Facing a choice that would leave most adults shattered, she calmly explains, “I’m going to decide whether or not I want to do the bone marrow transplant, or whether or not I just don’t do it and live the time I have remaining.”

Amazing the power of a young girls words can be. I was inspired, I cried and I laughed when I watched her videos. She is a true champion for everyone!! She gently explains that while she’s going to keep making videos, she’s leaning toward living out the rest of her life without treatment. “The journey of having cancer was amazing. But, every journey has an end.”

A soon to be teenager and an amazing little girl, you make us all better people Miss Talia – THANK YOU –


Full story and excerpts from: {Yahoo}

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