Marcus Jordan: Son of NBA legend Michael Jordan – “Arrested”

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Marcus Jordan

Marcus Jordan, just a young man out there creating a name for himself –

Marcus Jordan was arrested outside a Omaha hotel last night for obstructing, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after a heated argument in the parking lot with two unidentified women. Oh Marcus!! So continues the bad behavior of a NBA legends son. This isn’t the first run in with the law for Marcus, nor the first time he has created a negative stir either.

I don’t want to forget to mention that he was described as highly intoxicated, animated and uncooperative last night as well, which obviously explains the rant and subsequent arrest. Maybe the elder Jordan should have a one on one talk with this son and remind him, that his name alone will not get him by in life. Who an I kidding, yes it will…. That, along with the oodles of cash, he can be whatever he wants. Ah, to be rich!

Remember this is the spoiled rotten kid, who cost UCF their footwear deal with Adidas, because he wouldn’t wear anything but Nike. A couple years back he also tweeted that he dropped almost 60K in vegas for fun. Hmm, sounds like a family problem?? If you remember Dad likes to gamble too.

This is also the same Marcus Jordan who just recently via twitter propositioned a porn star and be bragged that if she wanted more, he had the money and time to see her again. Although he rescinded the statement and said it was all in fun and no truth to it? Ok, we believe that -NOT.

So, where does this leave the younger Jordan and his future in basketball at UCF? Well, who knows? He has stated that he wants to pursue business ventures and really, with his basketball performance mediocre as it is, I guess time will tell. I am quite sure the staff at UCF has had enough and no one wants negative press, especially since that circulates faster than good news.

I only wish Marcus Jordan the best, however this type of behavior stems from something and I hope he finds his way. C’mon MJ, give the boy some guidance, stop enabling and bring the entitlement to an end. We all make mistakes, but with that last name, you are definitely more noticeable. Good luck Marcus –

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