Stunning Images Of Tornadoes Captured For National Geographic

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Landscape photographer Mitch Dobrowner has captured some of the most breath taking photos of super-cell storms across the Midwest United States. The series of shots are running in this month’s National Geographic Magazine and they are some of the most incredible images you’ll ever see of giant tornadoes sweeping across the high plains.

Following renowned storm chaser Roger Hill,  Dobrowner captured massive twisters, monsoon-like squalls and thunder clouds as they strike, often leaving a trail of destruction along the way. The team covered 40,000 miles in three years chasing the huge storms across the United States, traveling everywhere from the flat lands of North Dakota to desert in New Mexico.

His black and white photos show the awe-inspiring storms as they rip through the the middle of the country. The work is extremely dangerous because you really don’t know which way the giant funnel clouds are going to turn and you’re never really sure where it’s safe. For more on the story, check out [NatGeo]


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