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Seth Peterson

So, I had the opportunity to sit down with “Burn Notice” Actor, Seth Peterson today and I must say, it was a blast! Seth was on Daddy duty when I caught up with him today. In-between interactions with his son, grabbing chocolate milk and making sure movies were playing for entertainment, we snuck in a few questions.

Peterson studied a variety of acting methods, appeared in local equity-waiver theater and worked part-time jobs to support himself and as he says it “I just kept plugging away”

Well after plugging away, Seth started getting  guest-star roles in such series as “Arsenio,” “Clueless,” “Relativity,” and “Beverly Hills, 90210” early in his career. Seth finally got a break and went on to be a series regular on NBC’s “Providence” and can now be seen in a recurring role as “Nate” in the popular series “Burn Notice” on USA Network. His feature-film credits include “Godzilla,” “Can’t Hardly Wait,” the award-winning independent film “Hate Crime,” and the feature film “Sedona.”

A golf enthusiast and loyal Los Angeles Lakers fan, Peterson lives in Hollywood with his wife, Kylee, daughter, Fenix, and son, Lennon.

1. So, you were born in  New York and live in Los Angeles, CA now – Give me the pros & cons?

– Obviously I like the East coast, because I am from there. However, it’s VERY cold in the winter and VERY hot in the summer. West coast on the other hand is just gorgeous all the time and I love it here.

2. You are married and have two kids, what changed when becoming a Dad?

– Gosh, just about everything changes when you become a father, but the one thing you learn is how true, unconditional love is.

 3. You have been fortunate to work with your wife in a number of projects? Good / Bad? (We will hide the bad from her) 

–  OMG, working with her is a blast and how awesome to be able to do what you love with your best friend. We just got done with a project where I acted and she did all the make-up. Very fun!

4. Typical day in the life of Seth?

– Well, it can depend? Most days I am spending time with my family & being a Dad and husband. Other days I could be racing around doing auditions for new project or filming scenes.

5. If you were not acting what would you be doing as a career?

– Honestly, I have a huge passion for music and would probably be a “Music Supervisor” for films. It’s amazing to me what a piece of music or song can do for a scene or scenes in a movie. It can change the whole dynamic, just based on the feeling from the music.

6. Most know you from the TV show providence, but you have been a regular on “Burn Notice” Tell us about that?

– It has been, a dream come true. I was a offered a role on “Burn Notice” originally as a brother to Michael (Jeffery Donavan’s Character) for 4 episodes and now have been lucky enough to turn it into a 6 year recurring role as Michael’s younger brother “Nate Westen.” I mean we have great writers; great actors, a great set and I get to play with amazing toys & have fun on the set. The writing is so smart and the character is straight up, me!

7. One thing that would surprise fans about Seth Peterson?

– Most do not know that I was a graffiti writing, saxophone-playing maniac. (laughing)

8. I read that your a 50’s fan and love James bond films? How about a song in your ipod and a favorite James Bond girl?

Oh, boy that is a tough one. I have so much music in my ipod, because I just hate hearing the same song too much. I would have to say right now it’s Frank Sinatra “When Your lover has gone” But I love the version on the old rat pack CD’s where you can hear the Vegas crowd, the talking and then the just break out into song… Gets me every time! James Bond girl, hmm, let me see? I am going to go with Kim Basinger from “Never Say Never” classic movie with a classy gal.

9. You and I have a chance to play golf – Where are we playing & why?

– You and I would head to my favorite par 3 tracks “Los Feliz in LA. Fun place and quite honestly, I’m a pansy golfer (laughing) I don’t have much off the drive, so that place is perfect.

10. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

– If it were at all possible, I would literally SLASH every price tag in half. Sure would help, wouldn’t it?


* Here is information on “Seth Peterson” How you can interact with him and see his current projects & upcoming projects *!/sethpetersonla “Seth Peterson Twitter”  “Seth Peterson Personal website” “Seth Peterson Wikipedia” “Seth Peterson IMDB” “Burn Notice website”

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