Push Girls – People you should know!

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Push Girls

I read an interesting piece today about a new reality/documentary show on Sundance Channel – “Push Girls”

It will follow 5 women who live their lives in wheelchairs and will portray life after paralysis like no one has before. They each have their own stories and all have met through Angela Rockwood. Rockwood, who was married to Actor Daniel Nguyen, was a model and actress who became a quadriplegic a little over 10 years ago following a car accident.

Auti Angel, Mia Schaikewitz, Tiphany Adams, and Chelsie Hill, will fill out the rest of the cast for the show that premieres on June, 4th. The ladies are looking forward to sharing their stories, but also showing viewers how tragic events may change the course of your immediate life, but that the event gives you two choices. Give up or go on. These ladies CHOOSE to go on –

The unique and common ground these ladies have is not limited to the fact that they all live sitting down in wheelchairs. The show itself does not hold back, according to Sarah Barnett (GM of Sundance Channel). Viewers should expect to see these women going through everyday struggles as we all do in our daily lives.

What I was reminded of after reading the piece and watching some video on the project was “Sex in the City” but with five gorgeous women in wheelchairs and with actual real world, everyday issues.

I know, I’m going to watch and I commend “Sundance Channel” for bucking the trend of mainstream media and bringing us something inspiring, engaging and worth while – THANK YOU –

God knows I have had enough BS like, The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Rock of Love, Kate Plus 8 and the behemoth of S@it TV – Jersey Shore. Just to name a few useless shows –

Read the full story at – The Daily Beast

So, LIKE me, LOVE me or HATE me, It’s what I had to say – TT

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2 Responses to Push Girls – People you should know!

  1. Deg C June 4, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    I also agree-STOP the B>S shows!!! bring on the inspiration!! I mean really all the attention and time people put into watching people who are nothing but pathetic!

    • Troy Tarr
      Troy Tarr June 4, 2012 at 5:08 pm #

      Deg C –

      I love it, thank you –

      Stay tuned for some other stories coming.