Lindsay Lands Liz!!!!!

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We all know the rumors have been swirling about Lindsay playing Liz Taylor in a LifeTime movie. However, those rumors have become reality. Let the games begin!

During the rumors, I was def not on board with Lindsay Lohan portraying Liz Taylor. I felt casting Lindsay was going to be too distracting. I am sure I do not need to explain to anyone why I felt that way. Plus I did not feel Lindsay, “Party Girl” Lohan could fill Liz “Icon and Silver Screen Legend,” Taylor’s big shoes. Then I read this article [Yahoo]

I had forgotten that Mzzzz. Taylor had made quite a stir with the exploits of her personal life as well. In fact both Lindsay and Liz have done a stint at Betty Ford! Wow! Plus the part of Liz’s life they are going to focus on, is her adulterous affair with Richard Burton, a notorious alcoholic. It is all coming together for me now. Yes yes! This could work! I see the angle!! Now all we have to worry about is Lindsay coming off as a real woman!!

Welcome back to earning an honest dollar, Lindsay. Secretly getting paid off by the paparazzi to make appearances got you through the lean times and all. But I am sure the price was dropping. Cause frankly, I was tired of seeing your mug everyday! Which is saying a lot. I take pride in my resilience when it comes to rubbernecking train wreck celebs. I can never get enough! But even I stopped paying attention to what latest antic you had just pulled. The only thing that could get my attention with a Lohan paparazzi pic…was a really bad make-up job. Remember the horrid [“war paint”] make-up that was worn to court? That was drunk make-up application for sure. I would have paid any amount to get Lindsay, to stand up, with that make-up job, and proclaim herself a “sweet transvestite from transsexual, Transylvania”

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