Woman Bares Breasts To Arresting Officers – Only In Florida Folks

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In today’s “only in Florida” column, police were called to investigate a burglary in Vero Beach, Florida last Sunday, when a drunk 31 year old woman ripped off her shirt to show the officers her tattooed bare breasts. Susan Stickle wanted to show off the poems that were inked on to her chest to the police who were called by neighbors about a minor disturbance.

The police read the poems, told Stickle to cover her breasts and charged her with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Stickle was hanging out in the home of Eric Bachman (no relation to Michele Bachmann).  When cops showed up, the pair was allegedly on the porch screaming expletives and appearing to “be intoxicated by drugs and alcohol.” An officer tried to talk to Bachman, but the suspect told him to go away.

The telling him to go away thing didn’t really work as planned and when asked for her name, Stickle allegedly took off her shirt, revealing a completely exposed chest and a tattoo listed as “Poem of a dead tree.”  It’s yet unclear whether Stickle’s tattoo was her own composition or a reference to the Chinese poem by Yang Jian, which makes reference to an abrasive lifestyle: “I no longer have any leaves, only thorns remain.”

I know these things happen in other places in the country, but do they happen as regularly as they do in the Sunshine State?  For more on the story, check out [Offthebeat]




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