Terrorists Beware – US Navy To Launch “The Mothership”

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The “Mothership.” It sounds like something out of a Hollywood action film, where Arnold or Stallone or Vin Diesel would star as commandos, but it’s not a movie set, it’s real. The Pentagon is rushing plans for a floating base for highly trained commando teams to sit in the middle of the Persian Gulf.

It sounds like a great idea with tensions escalating in Iran and Somali Pirates to the south and al Qaeda on the shores of Yemen. The “Mothership” would house smaller high-speed boats and helicopters commonly used by Navy SEALs.

Lt. Cmdr. Mike Kafka, a spokesman for the Navy’s Fleet Forces Command, declined to elaborate on the floating base’s purpose or to say where, exactly, it will be deployed in the Middle East. Other Navy officials acknowledged that they were moving with unusual haste to complete the conversion and send the mothership to the region by early summer.

The big fear in the region is that Iran is at some point going to try to close the shipping lanes that run through the straits of Hormuz. The US Navy is concerned that the Iranians will mine the waters, the commando ship would be there to counter the Iranian mining efforts.

Right now the US Navy has a fairly large base in Bahrain to attack anywhere in the region in a moments notice and always have one or two carriers in the Gulf. The mothership would bolster the maritime presence of the US Navy in the region. For the past decade the SEALs and other US special forces have been deploying their missions from Iraq and Afghanistan, now they would have the mobility to strike anywhere they want.

For more on the story, check out [WashPost]


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