Ice Fishing – “Guy Heaven”

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You Florida and California guys are missing it.   Not everyone roller blades in their bikini all year round.   If you are thinking of moving to Alaska, Michigan or the New England states, you better be prepared for the winter.

Yes, that means a generator, cut wood & flash lights, as the power goes out regularly.   But what I am really talking about is having a winter activity.

Skiing is very popular.   In fact many people travel to NH & Vt to kill it on the great trails.   Snowmobiling is also another great option.   The trails from New England lead all the way to Canada.

No, what I am talking about is “Guy Heaven . . . Ice Fishing”.   When the lakes freeze over, you can own a little “on lake” real estate for free.   Claim your spot and put up a shack.   Make sure you have plenty of beer and Jack Daniels.   Sorry ladies, my research shows me that this is usually “for guys only” . . . fish, booze and hot dogs.

Take a look at these videos, this is what it’s all about.

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