Don’t Try This Tebow Tattoo at Home

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Tebow greets fans in the stands

Someone has done the (nearly) unthinkable. A man has put a tattoo on his body of another man…well a centaur. This would probably not make news in any way shape or form if it weren’t a tattoo by a Denver Broncos fan depicting Tim Tebow.

It’s becoming quite simple to find unusual and strange stories that involve Tim Tebow, even if they don’t directly involve the man himself. All you have to do is search his name  and stuff pops up. It should be noted that the stories getting the most press seem to either surround how he can’t play or don’t involve him personally.

No WONDER Tebow runs so well!

Things I find interesting about this particular instance of fanaticism:

– the man provided the art himself, meaning he either drew this or told someone to draw it for him… which is just plain weird

– there is a tiny cross in the right hand while a football is carried by Tebow-centaur’s left

– Tebow doesn’t have a head, just a helmet a la Ichabod Crane

– he had it inked on his thigh, so he either didn’t really want to share it with everyone (because he didn’t put it on his arm) or he plans on sharing it mostly during the summer months or on Florida vacations

– the man who got the ink goes by the Denver Broncos forum name of LoveNHateStudio

The last one got my reporter instinct’s going – well, that and the fact that the poster only had two listed posts in the forum. It turns out that the tattoo may just be a publicity stunt for the Love Hate Tatoo Studio in Miami. It makes me wonder if there might be plans to cover it up later with a larger tattoo.

None of that really matters, however. Some guy went through the pain of getting his thigh inked with a freakish, half-man, half-bronco football player tattoo with another man’s name. Never mind that I don’t think tattoos are smart (because sometimes you don’t WANT to remember things you’ve done like that), but for a player who isn’t two years into a pro career, it might have been wiser to take out a billboard ad or something to show your support!

Thanks to Larry Brown Sports, Black Sports Online, and The Denver Broncos team forums

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