Anonymous Doesn’t Need Fame Whores

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We here at News Burner are big fans of the hacktivist group Anonymous and what we really like about Anonymous is the fact that there is no PR firm behind it, no book deals, no spokesperson and no one coming forward to cash in on what Anonymous does. But all that has changed with the so-called face of Anonymous, Barrett Brown.

Brown and another former member of the group named Greg Housh have just inked a deal with Amazon books to tell the behind the scenes story of the most powerful hackers on the planet, but this goes against everything Anonymous stands for. It’s a sellout. Brown and Housh are capitalists. How do you target big business when you’re taking six figure payouts from them. Barrett Brown and Greg Housh are now part of the great media machine that normally trembles in fear of the actions of the hacktivist group.

I hope there is a price to pay for these two, I hope that the core group of super hackers at Anonymous see this the way we do and they punish these two fame whores for trying to take corporate dollars and sellout the cause. These guys are self-promoters and that’s not inline with what Anonymous means to many of us.

Brown and Housh need to go away, and anyone that truly supports Anonymous needs to boycott their book or any other ventures these two publicity hounds put out there. For more on the story, check out our friends at [Gawker]

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