Oakland Police Fire Tear Gas and Stun Grenades at Occupy Protesters

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Protesters armed with cell phones and consumer HD video cameras were just too much for the City of Oakland Police Department last night as authorities fired massive amounts of tear gas and stun grenades at the Occupy Oakland demonstrators. Earlier in the day cops arrested 97 peaceful protesters outside City Hall for exercising their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech.

Oakland police decked out in full riot gear then began their assault on about 200 innocent young Americans firing canister after canister of tear gas at them in hopes that they would disperse and go home. Hopefully the world will see the video that is already posted to YouTube and see what a lovely police state we live in here in the old USA.

What we have seen over the last few weeks is that law enforcement in this country has no idea how to handle the Occupy movement. Every time they unleash their might through billy clubs, pepper spray and now tear gas and stun grenades, they just make the movement stronger and it encourages more people to come out in protest.

More than 40 years ago, it was the same type of images that caused an eruption of protests in this country. Back then it was on college campuses and it culminated with four students being shot to death by overzealous National Guardsmen at Kent State. I hate to say it, but it’s going to happen again, especially with the tactics being implemented by law enforcement nationwide. Police departments across the country are showing up in riot gear and instigating the escalation of violence. Somewhere over the next few months, an unemployed, broke American kid in their twenties, who’s loaded up with debt from school loans that he can’t pay back, is going to take a shot from a billy club the wrong way or fall and hit his head on the pavement while running from tear gas and he or she will become a martyr for this movement.

I saw this back in 1970 and I saw the disdain the American people had for their government. It was reported yesterday that 43 percent of the American people are in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Those numbers will only grow as winter comes and the movement’s voices still fall on deaf ears. For more on the story and the video of last night’s use of tear gas by Oakland Police, go to [NYPOST]

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