Iran Will Acquire Iraq’s Oil Reserves – Donald Trump

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Ask Donald Trump !

I love going to Donald Trump’s Facebook page to see what his daily message says.   Today, Donald is livid about the US leaving Iraq.   Why ?

For several years Donald has been complaining that the USA will get nothing out of Iraq after spending billions of dollars.   President Obama announced that the USA will be leaving Iraq in the near future.   But what does the USA get out of it ?   Nothing . . . and Donald is mad about it.

Donald argues that when US troops leave, Iraq will hand over on a “silver platter” the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world . . . to . . . to . . . to . . . IRAN.
Can’t the troops just put a few barrels of oil on their back to take home ?   I don’t think we will even get that.

Here is Donald’s message to us.

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2 Responses to Iran Will Acquire Iraq’s Oil Reserves – Donald Trump

  1. Scott St. John
    Scott St. John October 25, 2011 at 12:12 pm #

    So it was a war for oil, Could Trump go door to door to all the families of US military and say, we want your kids to risk their lives for a few more years so we can get some oil out of this? He’s all talk

  2. dc October 25, 2011 at 12:28 pm #

    Good point . . . but it sounds like he anticipated that US would be spending mega bucks for another country’s problem and never get paid back. Not sure if he is suggesting we stay there or demand compensation upon exiting Iraq. With or without oil, lets get the hell out of there !