Op-Ed: Herman Cain Likes White Wimmenz

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Hey There

CNN is running a story about GOP upstart Herman Cain, who is African-American according to all available measurements, and the teaser headline they chose was  a no-brainer quote of Cain’s:

“I haven’t learned to be PC.”

PC is shorthand for “politically correct,” a peculiarly American term that has found great windy usefulness in our national politics for some 20 years now. It means, to the mind of the person attacking the notion, “to tell it like it isn’t, in a soft liberal way,” and there are no guarantees for truthfulness, wisdom, or decency when a politician aligns themselves against “PC.” Usually when they do, they are puffing out their chest and a sleazy look has adopted their face.

There is something pornographic about watching Herman Cain, the boot-strap-clutching double-A corporate head and former Federal Reserve bank chairman, bellowing to a crowd of entirely white claquers the words, “No more entitlements!” ***Perhaps Cain cottons to bouncing balls on his nose for the wildly approving hordes of white folks who he may fatuously believe see him through a color-blind lens, as just a politician with integrity. But here it is reasonable to say something direct and “unfashionably politically incorrect,”

Herman Cain is the White Right’s Precious Tar-Baby.

Wikipedia tells us, a (“tar baby” refers to any “sticky situation” that is only aggravated by additional contact.) It was also in the Br’er Rabbit tale an obviously non-PC symbol for a pickaninny, a dark-skinned negro child. Cain is definitely a sticky situation, and contact with him will only aggravate the mess. He is beautifully and perfectly positioned as the anti-Obama and his slogan might as well be “We Shaw Nuff Can’t.”

Some suit in the days of the ruthlessly cynical Poppy Bush/Puppet Reagan Imperium once said, “He’s a bastard, but he’s our bastard.” It’s my personal delight to admit that the subject of this comment is unknown, or not remembered at this moment, because of the simple fact that there have been so many bastards contracted or dealt with favorably by the US government in its time, and especially so during that roughly 12-year-long death spree that began with an odd assassin’s bang in 1980-1. Whoever stated the above calculus of hypocrisy could have been referring to Tim Osmond (the handle-name given to Osama bin Laden when he worked openly as a CIA asset), or Manuel Noriega, or Emmanuel Constant, or Saddam Hussein. Pick our poison, any poison.

And Br'er Bear said, "No, it ain't gonna fool nobody. It hain't got no eyes."

But that is the natural opinion of some of Cain’s supporters, even a certain unseemly number of them. They lose control of their pale limbs and go spastic with pleasure when they hear a black man say these things, precisely because he is black, and many shades darker, even, than the mysterious politician from Chicago that holds the presidency now. The right-wing may feel that they need black to fight black with, but they do regret having to get tar on their gloves. That is the simplest way of putting it. Nothing has ever so assuaged the raw conscience of American bigots and racists and those who never consider black people whatsoever, like a colored person agreeing with them in gushing terms.

The only good thing that a dark-skinned businessman like Herman Cain will bring to the American political equation is the possibility that after the fact, many white folks who felt queasy in their bones and cells about dealing with black people, will eventually warm up to the prospect, through repetition.

The very bad thing about the dusky specter of Cain leading the GOP and edging the liberal mulatto in charge —and Cain is the only Republican to have beaten Obama in the most recent theoretical polls—is that we have yet more opportunity to mangle and misapply the terms of the Discussion and Reality of Race in America, as we can always be counted on to do, if we do it at all, in this country. Blackness, or the “color line” in the divided states of the USA, is a subject that for the political and intellectual CEO’s of this land resembles Dark Matter, an ineffable mystery that can’t be controlled and is discussed only in terms that hopelessly confuse the issue.

So, it’s not about race and the pandering to shallow and cynical race-politics in this surge of negritude among the GOP and the culturally conservative leg of the country, eh? Is that so? Then why must we hear about these ofays and their “Honkies for Herman” campaign, and, now that the Cain outfit has reversed itself, why must we hear Cain say he’s cool with supportive honkies and Cain-loving crackers, after all.

Incidentally, Cain addressed his fundamental contempt for PC directives while defending “off-the-cuff” remarks he made about the need for a lethal electrified fence on our border with Mexico. Non-PC negroes are permitted to joke like this.

In conclusion, Herman Cain loves “himself some white wimmenz.”  (I’ve kept it colloquial.)

For more on Cain’s assessment of his real talk, do the nasty with CNN.

You can review a CNN video artickle here. The headline is “Cain likes Honkies for Herman.” Yuk Yuk.


*** No reporting of Cain’s role at the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank would be legitimate without noting that he was a rather gelded chairman, an honorary, “go-between,” attache,” sort of chairman. Kind of a sinecure for Steppin Fetchit bank chairmans.

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One Response to Op-Ed: Herman Cain Likes White Wimmenz

  1. B. Connor October 24, 2011 at 2:39 am #

    Bachmann/Cain is a truly unholy union.