Female Celebs Confess Their Farts!!

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Let me start by apologizing. I really did mean to post something with substance, and relevance. Something that we could really sink our teeth into. But then it happened…the article I could not stop going back to. Honestly, I saw the headline, clicked immediately, and read the whole thing. I did not just read a few, laugh, and then move on. Oh no. In fact when there were no more, I kept clicking like a hidden bonus round was going to appear. I know, very cerebral of me. But lets face it. This article IS the perfect storm. Hot chicks (except [Nancy Grace]…yes she farted on the dance floor. As if the nip slip wasn’t enoough!) + Farts. BAM! Is it just me, or is it, the more perfect the person appears, the more we want to know about their flaws. Not that a fart is a flaw…it is natural. But we want them to dirty up to show us they are not so perfect. Which I believe is the science behind the “stolen sex tape.” But I will save that for a different post (is that a forecast into the future of my posts? Oh I think it is!!)  Now if the headline had said something like  WWE Fighter Blah Blah farts…nah, not interested. Unless it is a massive shart in the ring that leaks out of his spandex. But you take a name like, [Kim Kardashian]. Add the words “burrito” and “stinking up first class”, I am SSOO there! So my little stinkers. You know you are just a guilty as me and you want it just as bad as I did. Lets all hold hands and jump into this lake of depravity together!! Don’t forget to wave good-bye to news worthy current events, cultural pieces, and human interest stories! We don’t need those where we are going…which is straight to the bottom! 1..2…3..CLICK [The Frisky] Oh, and this [Nancy Grace] link, and the one above, take you to the footage of her fart. How much do you love me? It is unmeasurable, isn’t it? (you have no idea how much fun I just had putting in the key words!!)

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One Response to Female Celebs Confess Their Farts!!

  1. dc October 7, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    Even Britney Spears . . . according to the law suite filed by her bodyguard.